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  • American Sweetheart


    Large: 24″ high x 41″ mound of center variegated foliage, very thick substance

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  • Amethyst Blue OS


    Hosta’ Amethyst Blue has a “Love Pat like” appearance with “ventricosa type blooms”.
    This is a ‘Sea Lotus Leaf’ seedling, very round, corrugated, upright habit, and very blue. It’s a marvelous blue that has deep purple flowers. A hybridizer’s dream, very blue leaves with purple ventricosa-like flowers.
    That’s a combination no other plant has.

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  • Amine Tachi

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  • Ann Kulpa


    Medium:19″ high x 44″ wide of white centered foliage; 3″ wide dark medium to dark green margin, slightly wavy and moderately corrugated at maturity

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  • Antioch


    Antioch’ is a vigorous, clump-forming, herbaceous perennial bearing broadly ovate, tapered, dark green leaves with irregular, pale yellow margins fading to white. Sturdy scapes bear racemes of funnel-shaped, lavender-blue flowers in summer

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  • Antoinette

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  • Aoki


    Med/Large: Dark green leaves with a slight grey bloom on the underside, 10″ x 8″.

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  • Artemis


    Medium: (21 inches tall.) Mounding, 21″ high x 40″ wide plant.

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  • Atlantis


    Large :20″ high x 48″ wide mound. Differs from H. Abba Dabba Do by it much wider gold margin, darker green center and thick substance

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  • Atomic Elvis


    Medium: Soft blue-green leaves are elongated and end in a sharp point that turns this way or that way. The color turns green by mid summer, but the strongly ruffled foliage and arching mound form ensure your eyes can’t stray far.

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  • August Beauty


    Medium: is a sport of ‘August Moon’ features light green leaves with yellow margins.

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  • August Moon


    Large: 20″ high by 42″ wide mound of medium gold foliage; leaves 9 1/2″ long by 8″ wide (10-11 vp); leaves also broadly oblong-ovate in shape, moderately corrugated; good substance.

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