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  • Key West


    Large: 37″ high by 88″ wide mound with smooth golden leaves, vigorous grower with good substance and makes a bright spot in a border. Photo courtesy of Olga Petryzyn.

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  • Kiwi Full Monty


    Medium: Med/Large mound 18″ high x 45″ wide.

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  • Kiwi Skyscraper


    Large: Large 31″ high by 50″ wide upright growing mound; Leaves 12″ long by 10″ wide thick substance with rich blue-green leaves. Lavender flowers in July.

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  • Komodo Dragon


    Large: Huge 28″ high by 72″ wide semi upright mound. Neatly rippled dark green foliage. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens, Inc.

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