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  • Final Summation


    Large: Very large mound of Dark green-margined, gold-centered foliage; leaves measure 16″ long by 12″ wide

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  • Forbidden Fruit


    Medium: thick leaves have glowing yellow-orange centers setoff by a wide blue-green border and can be seen from across the garden.

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  • Fragant Blue


    Medium: 20″ high by 48″ wide mound of blue-green foliage; leaves are 8″ x 6 1/2″wide.

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  • Frosted Dimples


    Medium: 12″ high by 32″ wide with leaves that are 6 5/8″ long by 5″ wide, Frosted blue-green leaves with slightly rippled creamy yellow margins. Near white flowers in July/August.

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  • Frosty Morn


    Small: 16″ high x 38″ wide mound of slightly wavy, cupped, medium gold to chartreuse foliage; leaves 9″ long x 7″ wide (13-15 vp); leaves also broadly ovate-shaped with a distinct tip and moderate corrugation; good substance.

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  • Frozen Margarita


    Large: variegated sport of H. ‘Fried Bananas’ with the same fragrant flowers!

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