Welcome to Uniquely and thank you for choosing to order with us.

Any orders after 09/06/2023 will be shipped on or after 06/01/2024

Our shipping season begins very end of May/ beginning of June and ends in September of each year. We begin shipping out with September of the year prior’s orders and go in the order they are received. All orders are usually out that are placed September through July by early to mid-August. Please keep this in mind when ordering it does take several weeks to get plants out.

If there is an issue with your order such as crop failure or another unforeseen circumstance, you will be contacted via phone and asked if you would like to substitute or refund that plant(s). Refunds are given on a case by case basis. Refunds are not given prior to order shipment.

If you are going on vacation, please note the dates you will be gone. We will do our best to not ship during that time. Please remember we are human and can make errors but will do our best to accommodate your vacations.

During our shipping period we do not respond to calls, messages, emails quickly. This can take a few weeks to return as we are spending from sunup to sundown filling orders most days and this takes away from time to get work done. Please leave a voice message and the note will be put on your order.


Shipping Process

We, as with most other Hosta retailers, ship bare root plants. This doesn’t mean you are getting only a ball of roots that are dried out. Our plants aren’t shipped until they emerge in the spring. We rinse all soil from the roots (bare root) and dip in an anti-fungal solution which helps the plant as it goes through the shipping process. Our roots are then wrapped, and the plastic tag is added for identification. We roll the foliage in paper to help protect it on its journey. All plants are shipped in square USPS “shoebox” boxes or “triangle” boxes as we have found these are the sturdiest. Plants are shipped via USPS or UPS.

Once out of our facility the shipping company is responsible for damages that occur. We will assist as needed to facilitate any claims.

Please note shipping can be hard on plants because of weather, environment, etc. Thier leaves can do all kinds of goofy things. If you see something you are concerned with, please reach out we work with a network of people and are happy to give advice or help. If you notice a problem with your plant within the first 5 days please notify us as refunds are available on a case by case basis.


Our plants are regularly tested, not only by us but also via multiple state inspectors who are very thorough and do lots of lab testing. We do our best to provide happy, healthy plants and only get our plants from suppliers who take precautions at their facilities.