Welcome to Uniquely Hostas! We are a Family owned and operated small business in Wisconsin. we are located in both Milton, WI and Elroy, WI. 

 Our love for plants really started out with young Justin. Justin was a highschooler when he met Jeff Miller. Jeff and Justin spent a lot of time together since 2009. In this time Justin learned the ins and outs of hostas and how to make his own crosses. he spent many days designing Hosta beds at his parent’s home. Justin got his father Bob into making Hosta crosses and soon it became a family affair. 

By the time they finished creating beds at the Milton home they were able to turn a little over 3 acres of woods into a little over 2 acres of Hosta beds (momma Dawn needed some grass and veggie gardening space).

Since Beginning to make crosses both Bob and Justin have found joy in how the genetics work with the hosta plants and just how odd they can be. 

We have 4 beautiful kiddos and 4 goofy dogs to say our house is always got something going on is an understatement. 

In May 2020 we started Geske’s Gardens the goal was to offload some old seedlings and make space for new crosses. this turned into selling hostas , Lilies and Daylilies. In 2020 we had made a 5-year plan to purchase Uniquely Hostas. In 2021 longtime friends Marlene and Jonathan if Uniquely Hostas approached us with a business proposal to take over Uniquely Hostas, which included the prior purchases of Jim’s Hostas, and the collections of Owen Purvis and Kenny Z in fall of 2021, due to unfortunate health factors.  We took Over Uniquely Hostas  and continued with Geske’s Gardens for the 2022 season. In summer of 2022 we purchased a large amount of Hostas from the collection of Jeff Moore and Julie and Monty Carlson. This gave us lots of fun new genetics to work into our hybridizing program.

Outside of gardening we love to live a very simple life. We like to enjoy the outdoors, play with the pups and hang out with the kiddos. Our motto is “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”. We believe in this, our goal is to share our love of gardening and to help others with learning about sustainability through growing. We find joy in growing something fun and new to add beauty to your corner of the earth. We also find value in growing veggies and herbs and the ability to learn to provide for yourself through your garden.