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  • Hacksaw


    Small: long, tapered, light green leaves that are intensely rippled and lightly serrated on the leaf margins

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  • Hiaro Magesty

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  • High Society


    Medium: A striking sport of H.’June’, leaves emerge in the spring with a warm yellow center that brightens to white by mid summer. A wide blue margin surrounds the center. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

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  • Hirao Majesty


    Large: 26″ high by 67″ wide mound with large shiny dark green leaves

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  • Hoosier Dome


    Very Large: Very large mound of heavily rippled medium green leaves that are convexly cupped; 28″ high by 60″ wide; leaves are 14″ long by 13″ wide; heavily veined; ruffled edges; specimen type.

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  • Humpback Whale


    Large: Blue green mound of corrugated leaves. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

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  • Hush Puppies


    Small: mound size has reached 7″ high x 13″ wide with leaves 2 3/4″ long x 1 1/4″ wide. Green centered, white margined foliage. Leaves are elliptic to ovate in shaped and smooth textured. Thin bloom on leaf underside.

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