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  • Waterslide


    Medium: 14 inches high and 32 inch spread. Leaves are elongated, wavy and ruffled,

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  • Wave Runner


    Large: 19 1/2″ high by 57″ wide mound of heavily rippled leaves measuring 12 1/2″ long by 8 12″ wide.

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  • Whee


    Medium: comes up in the spring with curly and twisty white edged shoots and then, when it leaf’s out, it continues to curl and twist. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

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  • Whirlwind


    Medium: Shiny dark green leaves with a pale green center that changes to creamy white later in the season, with some green striping during the growing season. Leaves are slightly twisted and curved.

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  • Wide Brim


    Medium: 18″ x 45″ mound; leaves have dark green centers and wide creamy-white bordered. Moderately corrugated. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

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  • Winter Snow


    Large: 33″ x 82″ mound, greenish yellow leaves with wide irregular white margins. Sport of H. ‘Sum and Substance’

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  • World Cup

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