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  • Amethyst Blue OS


    Hosta’ Amethyst Blue has a “Love Pat like” appearance with “ventricosa type blooms”.
    This is a ‘Sea Lotus Leaf’ seedling, very round, corrugated, upright habit, and very blue. It’s a marvelous blue that has deep purple flowers. A hybridizer’s dream, very blue leaves with purple ventricosa-like flowers.
    That’s a combination no other plant has.

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  • Badge of Glory


    Large: A very flashy looking hosta with bright yellow foliage with a badge of chartreuse in the center and near white flowers

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  • Banana Muffins OS


    Medium: (20 inches tall.) The leaves are a light green to a medium gold, with a slightly rippled margin

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  • Big Bopper OS


    Medium: green leaves are wide at the base and taper to a sharp point

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  • Blue Cascades OS


    Blue Cascades’ OS is out of the hybridizing program of Monty and Julie Carlson comes H. ‘Blue Cascade’. Intense, blue-green, heavily rippled leaves, and outward-twisting leaf tips beckon hosta lovers to take a closer look.

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  • Blue Oyster OS


    Hosta Blue Oyster OS is a great blue seedling from Ken Ziarek!

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  • Bowser OS

    Hosta Bowser is a seedling from Komodo Dragon

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  • Brazen Hussy OS


    Hosta Tilamook Sharp OS creates an upright yet cupped bright golden leaves.  This hosta is from Herb Benedict

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  • Bright Feather


    Medium: leaf is 11 x 8 inches

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  • Jesse James


    Medium: green center, gold margin

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  • June OS

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  • Just Living Life OS


    Few know it but Ken Ziarek is also a hybridizer and with the fantastic collection he has to work with, well, we expect a lot. This is a plant that is not around but is one that Ken’s visitors are all after. The picture was taken a bit late in the season to show it at is best, but this is a blue plant. It’s a seedling of the legendary ‘Split Personality’, which is a fantastic plant in itself, though virtually impossible to get ahold of. Should be a great hybridizing parent too.

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